About Us

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When was the company established?

Started 2017 with AR Team Electronics Enterprise and convert to Roboshop Technologies Sdn bhd5/12/2019

What programme do we offer?

We are providing STREAM education line such as robotic, innovation learning using our edutainment educational toys.

How many branches do you have?

1 Branch but have smartpartnership with IPT (Do robotic program at their college)

Where is your company based? What are your locations?

We are based at Kuantan Pahang. Our academy at Indera Mahkota and our office at Tanjung Lumpur Kuantan Pahang.

Muhammad arif ridhwan

He so interested in robotics and innovation field and he decide to create products that can help a lot of people in developing new skills in the field of robotics and innovation.He’s create teaching aid based on the educator and kids preferences in order to help them to deliver the knowledge in easy way. His graduate from UMP in Master Business Administration and UITM Shah Alam in Bachelor Degree Electrical Engineering. He working as Electrical Engineer at Private companyfor 5 years.